Richard Deacon: The Missing Part

Richard Deacon: The Missing Part is on view in Strasbourg through September, traveling to Hanover in spring of 2011. A catalog is distributed by Le Seuil with contributions from Eric De Chassey, Julian Heynen, Phyllis Tuchman and Clarrie Wallis (German edition from Walther Koenig).

In June, the museum held a symposium on “Situations de la sculpture contemporaine,” convened “to discuss the diversity of the sculptural field of activity, examining object, installation, dematerialization and issues of body,” with Richard J. Williams, Sylvie Coëllier, Alexandra Midal, Valérie Da Costa, Catherine Ferbos-Nakov, Lorenzo Benedetti, Corinne Diserens and a round table with Deacon, Anita Molinero and Michel Blazy. See also Lisson Gallery and Phaidon.