Sculpture Unlimited

On November 17th in Linz, “Sculpture Unlimited,” a symposium. 

Talks include:

  • Jennifer Allen, “Asocial Sculpture: Sculpture in the Age of the Internet”
  • Nikolaus Hirsch, “Infrastructural Models”
  • Aleksandra Mir, “Who Cares about Sculpture? I Just Want to Make Impossible Things!”
  • Vivian Rehberg, “Why Baudelaire was wrong about Sculpture”
  • Jan Verwoert, “The Devils Inside the Thing Speak with the Devils Outside (Sculpture, Self-made, Juju Magic)”
  • Anne von der Heiden, Jörg Heiser, Nikolaus Hirsch, Jeniffer Allen and Martin Hochleitner, “Is there anything like an ‘essence’ of sculpture? Preliminary overview of an expanded concept of sculpture.”