Searching for Art’s New Publics

Distributed by the University of Chicago Press, Searching for Art’s New Publics, edited by Jeni Walwin, “explores the ways in which artists seek to involve, create and engage with new and diverse audiences.”

Chapters include:

  • Dave Beech, “Don’t Look Now! Art after the Viewer and beyond Participation”
  • Sally O’Reilly, “The Anatomy of a Participatory Project”
  • Will Bradley, “Interview with Chris Evans”
  • Helen Sumpter, “Adam Dant’s Operation Owl Club”
  • Sophie Hope, “Who Speaks? Who Listens? Het Resesrvaat and Critical Friends”
  • Marisa Sánchez, “Tell Me Your Story: An Interview with Artist Harrell Fletcher”
  • David Briers, “Open Sounds: On the Track of the Dissolving Audience”
  • Ben Sadler and Phil Duckworth, “Eagles are the Best: Juneau Projects in Conversation”
  • Helen Sumpter, “Melanie Pappenheim in Reading”
  • Jonathan Lahey Dronsfield, “Headless in Hirschhorn’s Classroom”