Secondary Information: The Persistence and Absence of Criticism

On March 19th in San Francisco, “Secondary Information: The Persistence and Absence of Criticism,” a discussion with Bruno Fazzolari, Tara McDowell, Julian Myers, Kristina Lee Podesva, and Alexander Provan, sponsored by Fillip, Triple Canopy, and Queen’s Nails.

Description: a discussion

about the numerous vehicles for, and approaches to, art criticism today, considering their value and significance vis-à-vis a spectrum of temporal and spatial contexts and engagements. How has the decentralization of publishing and the fragmentation of readerships affected art criticism? How are critical public spaces constituted around various forms of publication, whether online or in print? How might alternative forms of publication work to establish a critical position in relation to cultural production without necessarily engaging in conventional criticism? What is, and what should be, the role of criticism in relation to the speculative global art market and its preternatural ability to absorb, or cannibalize, oppositional discourses?