Shirin Neshat

In April, Rizzoli published Shirin Neshat, with text by Arthur C. Danto.

Neshat’s first feature-length film, Women Without Men, premiered in fall 2009, and won the Silver Lion at the Venice Film Festival; see Sarah Kerr, NYRBlog; Homa Khaleeli, Guardian; Frans Josef Pedersson, Aftonbladet; Andreas Kilb, FAZ; Valerie Duponchelle, Le Figaro; Tobias Timm, Die Zeit; Sabine Damaschke, Deutsche Welle; Stephen Holden, New York Times; Rainer Gansera, SZ.

In recent years, several discussions of Neshat’s work have been published in academic journals, including: 

A number of interviews have also appeared, including:

See also the artist’s page at Gladstone Gallery; several books on Neshat published by Charta (at; Minna Proctor, “New Style Sacred Allegory: The Video Art of Shirin Neshat,” Aperture 166 (Spring 2002); Ronald Jones, “Sovereign Remedy: The Art of Shirin Neshat,” Artforum 38:2 (October 1999) p. 110-13; bibliography at the Frances Loeb Library, Harvard.