Sophie Ristelhueber: La Guerre Intérieure

Sophie Ristelhueber: La guerre intérieure, a dialogue with Catherine Grenier, was published in June by JRP Ringier.

Several publications appeared in 2009: Thames and Hudson published Operations, with contributions from Bruno Latour, David Mellor and Thomas Schlesser (Les Presses du Réel), for an exhibition at the Jeu de Paume (images online at The Guardian). Claire Barliant wrote “After the Fact” for Modern Painters (April); and Guy Lane interviewed the artist in August (online at Foto8). Fait (1992), with an essay by Marc Mayer, was republished by Errata Editions.

Thames and Hudson published (W)est (B)ank in 2005. Details of the World with an essay by curator Cheryl Brutvan, accompanied a 2001 exhibition at the MFA in Boston.

Theses on the artist include James Alan Ketchum, “Journey to the surface of the earth: The geoaesthetic trace and the production of alternative geographical knowledge” (Syracuse, 2005); Steph Simard, “Is what we see really what we get? An exploration of messages and photographic images through the work of Sophie Ristelhueber” (Simmons, 2004); and Arnaud Bouhey, “L’Oeuvre de Sophie Ristelhueber: Un autre regard sur le monde” (Strasbourg, 2003).