States of Emergency: The Agency of Objects, ca. 1970

On September 16th at the Guggenheim, “States of Emergency: The Agency of Objects, ca. 1970,” a symposium organized by Alexandra Munroe and David Joselit; participants include Stefano Chiodi, Romy Golan, Nicolas Guagnini, Amelia G. Jones, Branden Joseph, Lee Ufan, and Mika Yoshitake.

The agenda:

Objects as Political Agency
Mika Yoshitake on Mono-ha: Structures of Disappearance
Joan Kee and Lee Ufan in conversation

Agency of The Everyday
Romy Golan on Italy in 1970: The Missing Structure
Stefano Chiodi and Luigi Ontani in conversation

Agency in Action
Amelia Jones on Art as Material Trace
Tania Bruguera, Luis Camnitzer, and Nicolas Guagnini in conversation
Branden Joseph on Biomusic

Writing a Global History of Art, circa 1970
David Joselit and Alexandra Munroe on The Possibilities of Comparative Discourse

Comments by Christopher Howard.