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SCAHGrad Philadelphia: “After Art”

On November 13, the SCAHGrad Philadelphia reading group meets to discuss David Joselit’s “After Art.”

Wednesday, October 2: SCAHRG Philadelphia: What Was Contemporary Art? (Part 2)

On Wednesday, October 2nd @ 8pm, the SCAH Philadelphia reading group meets to discuss the next section of Richard Meyer’s What Was Contemporary Art? (pp. 115-189). More info and readings at http://scahphiladelphia.wordpress.com/schedule/    

NEW: Wednesday, September 18, SCAHRG Philadelphia!

On September 18, the SCAH Philadelphia Reading Group held its inaugural meeting! The group is currently reading Richard Meyer’s What Was Contemporary Art? For more info, contact Heather L. Castro (tuc19464@temple.edu) or visit http://scahphiladelphia.wordpress.com.

SCAHGrad Alternative Rankings Project (Quality of Life Survey)

The Graduate Student Advocacy Committee is distributing a survey to assess the range of graduate support structures available in Art History PhD programs

SCAH Graduate Advocacy Committee Position Statement

GRADUATE STUDENT ADVOCACY COMMITTEE SOCIETY OF CONTEMPORARY ART HISTORIANS (SCAH) Position Statement, Summer/Fall 2012   In the contemporary climate of escalating professional and market demands combined with the increasing instability of universities, museums, and the economy, what is the role of a Graduate Student Advocacy Committee? As universities seek to make the PhD more efficient […]