Television, de- inter- trans-

In Seoul on October 7th and 8th, “Television, de- inter- trans-.”

Talks include:

  • Yvonne Spielmann, “Mediatization and Remediatization: Electronic Experiments by Nam June Paik and Dara Birnbaum”
  • Hyoungil Joo, “Television and Video: from Happening to Self-Reflection”
  • Sangho Kim, “Moon – the Oldest TV, Global Village – Humanity Connected by TV: Nam June Paik and Marshall McLuhan”
  • David Joselit, “Nam June Paik and the Three Ages of Video”
  • Hyunjean Lee, “Multiple Levels of Closed Feedback Loops in Contemporary Moving Images: Based on Media Artworks using the Camera-Screen Interface”
  • Dieter Daniels, “Touching Television: Participation Media with Marshall McLuhan, John Cage and Nam June Paik”