Texte zur Kunst 77

Texte zur Kunst 77 (March 2010), bears the theme of “Painting.”

In their preface, Isabelle Graw and André Rottmann assert:

Any artistic practice incorporating the painted image or the conventions associated with painting must inevitably engage with this essentialist baggage. In this sense, painting is an institution, and one which casts long shadows. It is precisely this that makes the “apparatus of painting”… so unavoidable. […]

[T]he borders of artistic disciplines have long since become permeable, irreversably so. As a result, supposedly painting-specific discourses have migrated into large- format photography – as with the so-called Becher school – while, in the other direction, issues and questions originating in performance art or (post-)conceptual art are now being addressed by means of painting.

Contributors include Niklas Maak, David Joselit, Sabeth Buchmann, and Luke Cohen.