The Transnational Politics of Murakami Takashi’s Collaborative Art

On May 16th at Stanford, a talk by Rachel DiNitto: “The Transnational Politics of Murakami Takashi’s Collaborative Art.”


Artist Murakami Takashi, known for his Superflat style that combined pop culture and politics, has been reinventing himself through transnational collaborations. This presentation will consider the cross-branding of Japanese Superflat, French design (Vuitton), and African-American hip hop, as Murakami’s collaborations multiply across the global consumer market. Has Murakami’s message changed when Japanese Superflat crossed national boundaries? These collaborations suggest that issues of race, nation, politics, and authenticity may have been transcended. Yet, questions remain as to how we gauge authenticity in this cross-cultural, cross-national, cross-racial, cross-branding, and whether any political message is possible in this hypercommercialized collaboration?