Theory Talks: Monumentalism and Beyond

The fourth and final set of fall “Theory Talks” at the Temporary Stedelijk, “Monumentalism and Beyond,” is scheduled for December 2nd.

 On the program:

In the late 19th century the newly founded nation states tried to demarcate their territories by means of majestic monuments, celebrating the heroes and key historical events from the national past. One would expect that in the current globalised society this merging of national space and time has ceased to exist. However, the forceful return of history and national identity in contemporary culture and politics suggests otherwise. What does this contemporary ‘monumentalism’ signify? And is it truly a form of monumentalism or post- or anti-monumentalism?

  • Introduction by Jelle Bouwhuis (Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam Bureau, Amsterdam)
  • Lecture by Suman Gupta (the Open University, Milton Keynes)
  • Speaker to be announced
  • Discussion between the speakers, moderated by Jelle Bouwhuis (Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam Bureau, Amsterdam), followed by questions and remarks from the audience