“This Sentence is Now Being Performed” and “Gender Check”

On November 19th and 20th, two symposia in Vienna: “This Sentence is Now Being Performed. Research and Teaching in Performance and Performative Art” and “Gender Check – Narratives and Exhibition Practises.”

“This Sentence is Now Being Performed,” at the Academy of Fine Arts, includes:

  • Amelia Jones, “The Body as Archive/ The Archive as Body: Live Art in Los Angeles 1970-75, A Case Study”
  • Andrea Fraser, “Performance or Enactment”
  • Carrie Lambert-Beatty, “Post-Performance: The Academic Condition of Contemporary Art”
  • Martha Wilson,”Transformations, Invasions and Pushing Boundaries”
  • Philip Auslander, “Reactivations: Toward a Hermeneutics of Performance Documentation”
  • Susi Neuburger, “Performing Vienna”

“Gender Check: Narratives and Exhibition Practices” [PDF program], at the Museum of Modern Art [MUMOK], includes a keynote by Jones: “The Return of Feminist Art: Thoughts on the Resurgence of Feminist Exhibitions 2000-2010.”