Thomas Demand: Nationalgalerie

A version of Thomas Demand’s exhibition, “Nationalgalerie,” has been on view in Rotterdam after closing in Berlin. For the show, SteidlMACK published an artist’s book with essay by Mark Godfrey and captions by Botho Strauß.

The exhibition was reviewed by, among others, André Rottmann in Artforum, Susanne von Falkenhausen in Texte zur Kunst, and David Ulrichs in Lapiz. A significant number of articles on Demand have recently been published in academic journals, including:

See also Sprueth Magers, Michael Fried, “Without a Trace,” Artforum 43 (March 2005), pp. 199-203, and Why Photography Matters as Art as Never Before. The Architectural Association library has a selective bibliography online.