In addition to the work of the executive board, SCAH’s mission is carried out by three committees.

1. Junior Faculty Advocacy: This committee seeks to be a voice for Assistant Professors of Contemporary Art History.  In particular, the committee is tasked with analyzing the criteria for tenure for Contemporary Art Historians, with the understanding that our discipline poses some unique challenges to the traditional formulas for successful tenure cases.

Chair: Kirsten Swenson, University of Massachusetts, Lowell

2. Graduate Student Advocacy: This committee seeks to be a voice for Contemporary Art History graduate students.  It should caucus its ranks widely in order to determine the pressing issues facing Contemporary Art History graduate students.  In addition, it should present a series of recommendations in regards to issues upon which the committee wishes to focus in the coming years.

Chair: Samuel Adams, University of Southern California

3. International Outreach: This committee will work to foster relationships with Contemporary Art Historians in other countries.  It is also charged with looking for ways in which these new relationships can further develop SCAH’s mission.

Chair: John Tain, Getty Research Institute