Warhol: Enterprises, The Early Sixties, The Last Decade

Three recent exhibitions — Enterprises, The Early Sixties, and The Last Decade — have covered a range of work by Andy Warhol.

Enterprises, in Indianapolis through January 2nd, has a catalog from Hatje Cantz, including an interview with Vincent Fremont and texts by Thomas Crow, Allison Unruh, and Sarah Urist Green. The Early Sixties, in Basel through January 23rd, also has a catalog from Hatje Cantz, which includes contributions from Arthur C. Danto, Sebastian Egenhofer, Georg Frei, Stefan Neuner, Maren Stotz, and Nina Zimmer.

The Last Decade, opening in Baltimore after stopping in Milwaukee, Fort Worth and Brooklyn, has a catalog from Prestel whose authors include curator Joseph D. Ketner, Keith Hartley, Gregory Volk, Bruno Bischofberger, Keith Haring, and Julian Schnabel (Amazon; interview with Ketner; reviews by Peter Schjeldahl and Roberta Smith).

There was also last month’s symposium at the Warhol Museum and the literature reviewed here.