SCAH Annual CAA Panel

Previous SCAH Panels at CAA:

2019 What is Contemporary Art History, Now? 10 Years of SCAH (Pamela M. Lee, Tobias Wofford, Daniel Quiles, Suzanne Hudson, Alexander Dumbadze)

2018 Sites of Micro-Community (Roberto Tejada, Jennifer Doyle, Saloni Mathur, Susanna Newbury)

2017 Contemporary Art History: Temporal Frames and Geographic Terrains (Steven Nelson, David Joselit, Irene V. Small, Anneka Lenssen)

2016 Exhibition History as Contemporary Art History (Lynne Cooke, Glenn Phillips, Julian Myers-Szupinska)

2015 Histories and Economies of Contemporary Art (Rhea Anastas, Katy Siegel, Howard Singerman, Nato Thompson)

2014 Identity Politics: Then and Now (Hamza Walker, Gregg Bordowitz, Joan Kee, Dieter Roelstraete)

2013 The Social, the Relational, and the Participatory: A Reevaluation (Martha Rosler, Anton Vidokle, Shannon Jackson, Julia Robinson)

2012 Digging Where You Stand (Kellie Jones, Michelle Kuo, Frank Smigiel)

2011 Critical Histories (Barbara Rose, Diedrich Diedrichsen, Thomas Crow)

2010 Contemporary Art History in 2020 (Hannah Feldman, Amelia Jones, Robert Storr)

2009 What is Contemporary Art History? (Grant Kester, Pam Lee, Richard Meyer, and Miwon Kwon)