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Narratives of Exile, Migration, and Movement in Contemporary Art

2025 College Art Assocation Annual Conference 

Chair: Sarah E. Kleinman, Virginia Commonwealth University
Wednesday, February 12 to Saturday, February 15, 2025 
New York Hilton Midtown • Session location TBA 

In his 2011 essay “The Migrant’s Time,” Ranajit Guha casts diaspora as a temporal transgression, resulting in displacement and a rupture from shared pasts. This session invites papers that examine the ways in which art and curatorial practices intersect with experiences of displacement, migration, and cultural hybridity in contemporary art. Possible topics include:

  • How have arts practitioners represented narratives of exile and displacement? What visual languages and narratives emerge from experiences of forced migration and diaspora? How do these representations challenge dominant narratives of place and belonging?
  • How have artists navigated issues of identity in the context of migration and movement? How do their works reflect the complexities of cultural hybridity, diasporic identities, and the politics of belonging?
  • How do material choices and artistic processes intersect with memories of displacement and migration? How have artists engaged with objects, textures, and archival materials to evoke personal and collective histories of migration and exile?
  • How have curators engaged with narratives of migration, exile, and (post)colonial histories in exhibition-making? How have recent exhibitions served as sites of critical inquiry?
  • How have diasporic artistic practices challenged dominant narratives of migration, displacement, and colonial legacies? How have arts practitioners mobilized art as a tool for resistance, solidarity, and social change?

This session aims to critically examine narratives of exile, migration, and movement within the broader context of contemporary art and visual culture. We particularly encourage submissions from emerging scholars, curators, and artists.