The SCAH website serves as a rotating online exhibition platform. Featured here are current and recent graduates of the MFA program in Art Practice at Stanford University. Click below for more information.

Brett Armory
Making Simple Sublime, 2020
Mixed media installation.
Mirror Room with mirror reflection of cutout wall on left, corridor leading to Second Order Kitchen right of mirror, mirror reflection of corridor right of corridor, through to Second Order Living Room on right.
Photo by Shaun Roberts.

Amy Elkins
Motherless Child, 2019
Chromogenic Prints hung on top of Pigment Print on Adhesive Fabric

Gabriela Grill
Curio, 2020
Glass, metal solder, concrete, shells, chain, fabric, jewelry, freshwater pearls

Mad Luellen
The Last Straw, 2019
Plaster, muslin, foam, chicken wire, wood, steel, hardware, threaded rod, spray paint, shellac.

Joshua Moreno
Swoop In Back Out, 2018
800 sq ft
Mixed media

Hannah Subotnick
Coyote Gloves, 2020
Antique kid gloves, miniature speaker, silk thread