The Syllabus Project

The Syllabus Project, a forthcoming collaboration between the Society of Contemporary Art Historians and Art Journal Open, will be an evolving digital archive of syllabi related to the teaching of contemporary art history. It will include historical syllabi written by pathbreaking art historians and artists as well as current scholars and practitioners who are pushing the field forward in dynamic and necessary ways. A living, functional archive, The Syllabus Project centers on the syllabus as a momentary crystallization of intellectual history constantly in motion and often the most tangible, lasting trace of the classroom experience. Documenting shifts in thinking about and in the field, this collection of teaching documents offers a means of charting and reflecting upon the rapidly evolving historiography of contemporary art.

Each entry is presented with a brief critical introduction (250-750 words) contextualizing the syllabus and highlighting particular details of interest. Entries are publishing on a rolling basis.

If you are interested in contributing to The Syllabus Project, please contact Natilee Harren.