Supporting Membership


︎ $ 10.00 per annum

Emerging Professional

︎ $ 20.00 per annum


︎ $ 50.00 per annum


︎ $ 100.00 per annum


︎ $ __ per annum

*receives optional acknowledgement on website

Supporting members enjoy voting rights and have access to a private SCAH Google Drive for sharing resources.* They are also invited to our annual business meeting at CAA. Dues are collected annually on a rolling basis. Please fill out this Google Form (even if this is a renewal) after completing the Paypal payment by clicking the shopping bag icon (︎) to the left, where you can send a PayPal payment to @scahweb.

Membership funds currently support CAA affiliate society dues and website hosting and maintenance. Future funded initiatives include support for Regional Group gatherings and travel and essay prizes.

*To access the members-only Google Drive, your email address must be associated with a Google account. This does not require Gmail nor an organizational subscription to Google services. You can create a Google account with an email address here.