The Society of Contemporary Art Historians (SCAH) aims to foster strong scholarship and to promote collegiality within the vital field of contemporary art history. Major projects include reading groups, mentoring and career development (especially for younger scholars and graduate students), a standing panel at the College Art Association’s annual conference, and the distribution of relevant information through the Society’s website.

︎2015 Report on the Society of Contemporary Art Historians


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Alexander Dumbadze
George Washington University

Suzanne Hudson
University of Southern California

Joshua Shannon
University of Maryland, College Park

Board Members

Natilee HarrenPresident
University of Houston

Jacob Stewart-Halevy
Tufts University

John A. Tyson, Secretary
University of Massachusetts, Boston

Katie Anania, Treasurer
Georgia College

Kirsten Swenson, Board Member At-Large
University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Julia Robinson, Board Member At-Large
New York University

Christian Whitworth, Webmaster
Stanford University

John Tain, ex officio
Asia Art Archive